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Eastern Hills Senior High School provides an integrated course schedule of learning through exploration, scrutiny, and self-reflection. In every class, our teachers emphasise the strategies and processes involved in learning and self-growth, creating a unique opportunity to prepare our students to live intelligent, thoughtful, and fulfilling lives in a rapidly changing society. Please see our current subjects below.



Mathematics courses teach students to view, understand and apply Mathematical concepts and processes to prepare for the rapidly changing world beyond school.

Mathematics courses in Years 7 - 10 cater for all levels of Mathematical ability in order to prepare students for an appropriate Year 11 & 12 course. In Years 11 & 12 students will require counselling to ensure a sound selection of course appropriate their needs.


Society and Environment develops students' understanding of how individuals and groups live together and interact with their environment. Students are taught the importance of a respect for cultural heritage, a commitment to social justice, the democratic process and ecological sustainability.

The curriculum in Years 7 - 10 spans content from the traditional Humanities disciplines of Economics, Geography, History, Politics and Law. In Years 11 & 12 students may choose to study courses in Economics, Geography, Modern History and Certificate II in Tourism.



English aims to educate students to become discerning readers, viewers, listeners and communicators who are aware of the growing role visual communication and the part Information Technology plays in our modern society. Communication skills in the three fundamental disciplines of reading, writing and speaking prepare students for the world beyond school. A wide range of texts are employed to stimulate and extend students. 

Years 7 - 10 courses commence as general courses leading to more specific courses which prepare students for later study. In Years 11 & 12 students will be counselled in the selection of a course which relates to their needs and ability. In addition to English courses, the school also offers English Literature in Years 11 & 12.


In Science students learn to investigate, understand and communicate about the physical, biological and technological world, and value the processes which support life on our planet. Science courses enable students to become critical and analytical thinkers by encouraging them to evaluate the use of Science in society and its application to everyday life.

Students in Years 7 - 10 study a broad range of science disciplines including Biological, Physical and Earth Sciences. In Years 11 & 12, students may study a comprehensive range of subjects which can lead on to University, TAFE or employment opportunities. These courses include Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Human Biology, Certificate II in Horticulture and Certificate II in Measurement and Sampling.



These courses aim to assist students to lead a balanced, healthy lifestyle; have a sound understanding of health issues; develop skills appropriate to their potential and value maintaining a sound level of fitness.

Health and Physical Education course are compulsory in Years 7 - 10, with Outdoor Education being optional. In Years 11 & 12 courses are available in Physical Education Studies, Health Studies and Certificate II in Outdoor Recreation.


This class aims to guide students through the foundations of the subject and beyond.

This class aims to guide students through the foundations of the subject and beyond. Students will get the chance to apply their problem solving and critical thinking skills within a challenging learning environment that requires active participation. Stop by one of our classes to see for yourself.

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Courses in this area include Foods, Fabrics, Childcare, and Hospitality.

In Years 11 & 12 students are offered courses which can lead to ATAR or Certificate II qualifications. Hospitality courses are also available through the NNEI.


Students may choose from languages which are offered at the school: French, Italian, and Japanese. 

Study of a language is compulsory in Year 7 & 9, with exception for students who require extra Literacy intervention. Students do not have to choose the same language studied in primary school. Study of Languages beyond Year 9 is available as an optional course, which as with all such courses is dependent on course popularity.



Students enrolling at the school in Year 7 have the opportunity of introductory courses to give them the grounding required to continue studies.

Students in Years 8, 9 & 10 have the opportunity to begin specialising in Design and Technology fields which may lead into traineeships, apprenticeships and careers in industry. In Years 11 & 12 students have the opportunity to select a range of courses which include Certificate II courses in Automotive, Metals, Woodwork (furniture) or Photography. In addition Certificate courses are also available through New North Initiative (NNEI) Trade Centres. 


Dive Right In

Courses in this area are offered to provide students with skills and insights into the world of finance and enterprise as well as the real world application of information technologies. In Years 11 & 12 a range of ATAR and Certificate courses are offered which lead to University and TAFE.



Courses in Media develop skills to create and understand media ranging form traditional forms such as film, photography, newspapers magazines, comics, radio and television to new and emerging technologies. While Drama teaches skills including technical production, backstage and "onstage" live performance

Courses in Drama & Media build invaluable skills of confidence, empathy and understanding about human experience and a sense of identity and belonging. In Years 11 & 12 students may select for a number of Courses which are either ATAR or Certificate level.


Art courses are offered which include a range of disciplines such as drawing, painting, sculpture, textiles, printmaking, ceramics and digital graphic design. 

In Years 11 & 12 students may select from a number of courses which offered at ATAR, General or Certificate level.



The school’s Approved Specialist Program in Music has built an enviable reputation for producing well prepared music graduates.

It is embraced by children wishing to further their studies and interests in music. Many graduates excel in tertiary and commercial music beyond school.


Vocational Education and Training (VET) courses are nationally recognised qualifications that focus on the development of skills and competencies that are required within specific industry areas

Eastern Hills SHS offers a range of VET Certificates as stand alone programs where the whole curriculum and teaching program is focused on the vocational competencies. In this case a course Grade is not awarded, instead students achieve VET Credit Transfer towards their WACE achievement. These Certificates are delivered over two years (Years 11 and 12). Vocational Courses are especially recommended for students who have a practical orientation or wish to develop industry specific skills in preparation for further study (at a State Training Provider or as an Apprentice or Trainee) or employment.



Eastern Hills SHS offers a Vocational Enterprise Course (VEC) to Year 10 students who are interested in transitioning to further training with a State Training Provider or into an apprenticeship or traineeship at the end of Year 10.

Students wishing to be considered for this program are required to submit an application form, a resume and teacher references. Students then sit a panel interview. If students are successful they are then offered a place in the VEC Course. The VEC course consists of VET Certificates, Work Experience and Career Development. If you would like more information about the VEC course at Eastern Hills SHS please contact the school.


Every child is provided with the opportunity to learn

At Eastern Hills Senior High School we provide Individual Education Plans with Collaboration from Parents ,Carers, Specialist Teachers and the School Psychologist. We are focused on providing the best learning outcomes for our students. We are also supported by outside Agencies that are available to students and include : Therapy Focus, SSEND, CP Ability Centre.



Eastern Hills Senior High School provides an excellent Literacy Program.

Eastern Hills Senior High School provides an excellent Literacy Programme. The student receive additional help through Spelling Mastery and Multi Lit and is aimed at raising reading, spelling levels as well as addressing basic grammar, punctuation and comprehension. 

Our Literacy room is also a meeting place at recess and lunch for students who want access help with their homework.

For further information please contact: Pauline Burley