Students Personally Owned Devices are permitted for use in the school with the purpose of engaging in the school learning programs. Students are permitted to connect to a specific wireless network with the device using their normal Education Department Logon. 

Devices which students may consider as appropriate or desirable may have practical shortcomings when being used for a variety of tasks. In general, a notebook computer is the most suitable format. The most suitable minimum screen format for notebooks is 10” (25cm).  Tablets are excellent for accessing information and data but are limited in their usefulness for data creation. If a tablet is contemplated it is recommended that a keyboard case be purchased also. It is recommended that minimum screen size for tablets is 10” (25cm). 

Recommended Systems and Software

Choosing a Device

It is obvious that a huge number and variety of devices are available. It is recommended that when choosing a device please consider the robustness of the device as it will be subject to situations (e.g. transport in school bag, on buses etc.) with considerable potential for wear and tear.  A suitable robust case is recommended for purchase with all devices. Android is not recommended as the lack of a consistent system across various brands can encounter some known compatibility issues with the school network. 

There are many suitable Windows based notebook computers available. These range significantly in price. Many small suitable notebooks can be purchased for as little as $250 at many of the larger retailers.

Apple devices are compatible with the school network, although they tend to be more expensive than the equivalent Windows devices.

Recommended System Software
•    Windows 10 (recommend update to Windows 10)
•    Apple OSX or IOS (latest versions recommended)

Virus Checker

A number of virus checkers both commercial and free are available. Some systems such as Windows incorporate the software in the system. All devices must have some form of virus checker with updates for definitions enabled to ensure they are constantly up to date. 

Office Software

Compatible Office software may be purchased (often bundled with a device) however a free download of Office 365 Pro Plus is provided to enrolled students. 

Care of the Devices
Student owned devices are the responsibility of the student/parent. Any damage is the responsibility of the parent/student. Insurance can be purchased. It may be worth considering.

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