School Update Week 2

8th May 2020 Dear parents and carers,

I am writing to update you on the current situation and arrangements. The number of students attending school has slowly risen over the past couple of weeks. Those students remaining at home have been participating through our distance learning model and which enables them to keep up with their peers who are attending. The school has considered the matters of exams and reports. The Year 12 exams were originally scheduled for week 3. These have been rescheduled to Week 6 following the WA Day public holiday to compensate for the changed circumstances. Year 11 exams have similarly been rescheduled to Week 9 of this term. Reports will be issued for each year group commencing with Year 12 in week 9 and will be released according to a schedule from that time on into early Term 3 for lower school. Interim grades will be applied for Years 11& 12 and for the core courses in Year 10. Courses selection for Year 10 moving to Year 11 in 2021 will commence shortly and the interim grades will provide essential guidance for these students in making their selections. In addition, I would like to thank everyone for their assistance, cooperation and understanding this morning when access to the school was restricted by a car which had crashed during the night and blocked the school entrances. Unfortunately, the badly damaged car was immobile and unable to be removed in time for school start time As outlined previously, the cleaners are working throughout the day to ensure all high-use areas, such as benchtops, desks, doorknobs, taps and hand rails, are regularly cleaned and surfaces disinfected. Seating and other equipment in the school grounds is being cleaned before school and after each break. These arrangements will be in place and reviewed ahead of Week 4 commencing 18 May. As always, State Government decisions will be based on the best health advice. Following this review, the school will make any adjustments required and permitted. We want all families and children to feel supported and informed during this time. I thank you for your partnership as we navigate this together. Kind regards

John Dunning

Eastern Hills Senior High School

Ph: (08) 9573 0300

Lot 289 Keane St East, Mount Helena WA 6082, Australia

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