About the Freo Dockers Cup ......

The Freo Dockers Cup is an interschool football competition for female students in years 5 & 6.

The competition is played either as a one-day lightning carnival (organised by schools in their district

and/or coordinated by their WAFC Football Development Officer) or round robin competition (minimum of 3-6 weeks).

The special modified rules allow for maximum participation, enjoyment and skill development.

Every school that participates in the Freo Dockers Cup competition has the chance to play in a

curtain raiser to a Fremantle Dockers home game at Domain Stadium.

Early in 2020

Freo Dockers Cup Training Day at Boya Oval

It was the first time that the schools in the hills have taken part in Feo Dockers Cup training.

On Wednesday the 27th November 18 students from EHSHS became coaches, umpires, mentors for seventy,Years 5 and 6 girls from Chidlow, Helena Valley School and Parkerville. Tom Hall from Helena Valley School together with Tarryn Cuthburt from Hills Raiders, Chris Tulfilli from West Australian Football Commission and Shane Beros from V Swans

organised the day which was held at Boya Oval.

The girls were enthusiastic and great sports giving all the skills a go and taking part in mini games against each other.

It was great fun and there are some very talented future AFL W stars.

At the end of the day there was a water fight just what they needed to cool off.

We are very proud of the way EHSHS students conducted themselves on the day and thank you for providing

positive role models for the younger players.

Jan Rowe

Eastern Hills Senior High School