Contributions and charges enable the School to enrich the basic curriculum. Students will derive the full benefit from the Voluntary Contributions and Compulsory Charges they pay. Failure to pay your contributions and charges places a large burden on the School community. The School relies upon all families to contribute.

We believe that the best way to provide quality education is through the provision of modern texts and equipment for students. Your payment of the voluntary contributions will result in a higher standard of educational resources for your child. Eastern Hills Senior High School urges you to pay this portion to enable the School to provide your child with the education we believe they deserve.

We recommend you start making plans now so that you are in a position to pay your Voluntary Contributions and Compulsory Charges prior to the end of Term 2, 2020. Funds collected within the year are spent on resources for that year. Eastern Hills Senior High School has payment options available. Please contact the College for further information.


The Secondary Assistance Scheme is available to parents/guardians of secondary students that hold a Centrelink Family Health Care or Pensioner Concession Cards or Veteran’s Affairs Pensioner (Blue) Concession Card.

You will need to bring your card to Reception at the start of school to apply. The SAS comprises of an Education Program Allowance of $235 that is put towards Voluntary Contributions (Year 7 – 10) and Charges (Years 11 & 12), and a Clothing Allowance $115 that can be paid to the school for Charges, or paid to the parent/guardian for uniform expenses.


Late applications will only be accepted by DoE in extenuating circumstances and must be accompanied with a written explanation.

Eligible interstate or overseas students who are enrolled after Term 1 may apply for the allowance. Date of enrolment must be noted on the application.

Applications close at the end of term 1.

Payment Plan contracts can be found on the top of this page to download ..