End of Term 3 Newsletter ...


Dear Parents and Carers,

Term3 has come to an end in what has been an extraordinary year. This term the school has managed to undertake a number of events which, earlier in the year, seemed not to be possible. Year 9s have undertaken OLNA a year early after cancellation of NAPLAN due to COVID; constructed and opened our special indigenous garden area; we managed to get a very successful Year 11& 12 Ball despite losing our chosen venue due to COVID; the annual Athletics Carnival was held unfortunately without parent participation being possible; our sport program is operating again and the Music Program has been able to perform and be judged as excellent despite having restricted audiences due to COVID. As you can see there is a pattern to the events this year but we are hoping that soon the restrictions might be eased enough to get back to a full program.

The Year 12 students have concluded their assessments and are now preparing for their final exams. It has been possible to organize a Graduation for the students but at this time there are some restrictions on audience numbers. We have taken measures with the venue hosts to provide the maximum access to this event. It has been delayed by 1 week to the 29th October to take advantage of any easing of restrictions which may be announced prior. This is an important event and we want it be memorable for reasons other than COVID as this will be our first group of students Graduating after commencing as Year 7s.

Our students recently participated in the E2 Explore and Expose photo competition. Three of our students, Miranda Laity, Mia Whittaker and Toby Mees were selected as finalist with Miranda winning 1st place in the Youth category. Congratulations to Miranda and her teacher Ms Zhou.

In Term 4, the School Development Day was scheduled for Friday October 23rd to allow students in Year 12 the maximum access to teachers prior to leaving and Graduation. This date will remain.

It must be recognised that with all the disruption of the year our students have performed magnificently.

They are a credit to their parents, carers and community.


John Dunning