Information for Parents Years 7-10

•Students in Yrs 7- 10 will be issued with their Semester 2/Term 3 timetable tomorrow and have the opportunity to request any ‘option’ changes, from Wednesday 12th June until Friday 21st June.

Mrs Sweeney will be available to see students at the following times each day: before Form class, each Recess and first half of lunch. Students MUST have a signed note from their parent but need to understand only limited changes can be made due to the number of students in a class.


•During the next 3 weeks the LA’s of English, Maths, Science and HASS will be reviewing all students (7-10) progress for the first semester. If a change of class is recommended by a class teacher the Head of that Learning Area will speak personally or contact via email with the parent of the student to inform them of the reason for the recommended change (whether it be to a higher or lower level class).

•For students in Yr 10 who still need to complete OLNA the next opportunity will be at the end of August, more information to follow closer to the time.

•For Yr 7 and 9 students who sat NAPLAN the results will be available at the end of the term 3, they will be posted directly to your home.

•Subject Selection for 2020 for current Yr 7s, 8s, and 9s will begin early in Term 3, more information on the process will be provided closer to the time.

Mrs M Sweeney

Deputy Principal

Eastern Hills Senior High School

Tel: 9573 0200