This year’s theme is More Than a Word: Reconciliation Takes Action. The theme encourages us to reflect on our current contribution towards reconciliation, and how we can work towards righting the wrongs of the past, to effectively move forward.

Sport is a powerful tool towards Reconciliation and with this spirit in mind. Eastern Hills Senior High School celebrated Reconciliation 2021 by holding a Marn Gruk Game under the guidance of Shane Beros and Hayley Cole from Swans in the Community.

Shane and Hayley met with students over a few sessions to teach students about the Marn Gruk Game, cultural protocols, its origin, and how AFL today has used some of these influences in the modern Game. Shane also spoke of the coming together of Aboriginal People from different tribes to play Marn Gruk.

Neville Collard respected Elder and JP met with students prior to the game. He shared his life story and that of the Aboriginal people in this state. Neville conducted a “Welcome to Country “and “Smoking Ceremony “its significance in providing a blessing of good spirits. George and Emmett, students from Aquinas College played the Didge during the Ceremony.

On behalf of the RAP Committee and Mr Dunning, we would like to thank the following people.

• Neville Collard for sharing your knowledge, family history, and culture . • Mr. Davis, PE students and Swans in The Community students, who joined in and conducted themselves in the true spirit of Reconciliation. • To George and Emmett for playing the didge to accompany the smoking ceremony. • Shane Beros and Hayley Cole Swans in the Community for running the Swans Program. • Mrs. Bell and students for providing the morning tea and Mrs. Hardy for her contribution ( friendship bracelets). • To Mrs. Pollock and Mrs. Hutchins for making over 200 cupcakes for students. • To Mr. Taylor for his support.

Mrs Rowe Reconciliation Action Plan Coordinator Eastern Hills Senior High School 95730300