School Update 25/03/2020

School Update on COVID-19

Dear Parents and Caregivers, This newsletter is an update on the current situation with Corona (Covid 19) Virus measures. The school is following Education Department and Health Department advice on managing the Covid 19 situation. Copies of previous newsletters which were issued by email are available on the School’s website. Further updates will be provided as necessary by email and/or text then posted to the website and FaceBook.

BYO water bottles

As per advice received from the Public Health Emergency Operations Centre (PHEOC), it is preferable that students bring their own individual water bottles that can be filled from the fountain as necessary. This will reduce the need for students to drink directly from fountains. If students use the water fountains they should observe good hygiene practice e.g. not putting their mouth onto equipment.

Office 365 Online Access

Office 365 is available to all students through 3 methods:

1. Use the Online (free) versions of Office apps available through the Microsoft store or website.

2. Use the Microsoft Office 365 Education site and follow the instructions from the screen below. If your student is eligible using their Education Department email, the system will commence.

3. Via the email icon in Connect. Then click the Grid in the left top corner of the email screen. Then the grid will reveal a menu with the applications are available to you. (those shown are for a staff member it may vary for a student).

All versions will work with Office files loaded into Connect and files can be stored on the student’s Onedrive. All students should understand how to access their Onedrive from the email (see above).

Curriculum Availability through Connect

We are well advanced in ensuring all parents who wish to be provisioned with Connect have this facility. You may have received an email in the last day inviting you to register in Connect. If you respond to this email, we will register you and associate your student’s classes with you. If you do not wish to be registered with Connect please advise us advise us as response to the email or using the general email On Thursday the 26th of March those parents who have been invited and who have not responded to indicate they do not wish to have Connect access will be confirmed and associated with their students. This will give them full access. Student accounts are being checked to ensure all students are able to access their account and their password is up to date. We are working toward having all of these arrangements completed by this Friday. Once completed we will let everyone know how Connect and Curriculum Online will be working. It is our intention to use the tools available to ensure Education at Eastern Hills is open. Connect includes an Eastern Hills Senior High School space which is able to be viewed by all members of the school Connect Community.

Important information relevant to the current situation will be included in this space as well as FaceBook and the school website A Student Support page is being set up in Connect. More news about this will be coming soon.

ClickView Online

ClickView is an educational video content platform which the school subscribes to. All students have received an email today with instructions on how to activate their account. There is a separate set of instructions available on the school website .

Year 7 Vaccinations

Year 7 students are scheduled to receive the first of their Gardasil (HPV) injections this Thursday. Students at school on the day will be given their vaccinations as per their consent form. Those parents who have made arrangements for self- isolation for their students in light of the COVID 19 can still access the vaccination. The team will arrive at 9:30am. If you wish to access the vaccination, please contact the school via email using or call Charlotte Edwards (9573 0303) before 9 am tomorrow and arrangements will be made. Support and advice

Further information is available at or the healthdirect helpline on: 1800 020 080 for more information on the virus and its symptoms.

Regards, John Dunning