School Update on COVID-19

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

This newsletter is an update on the current situation with Corona (Covid 19) Virus measures. The school is following Education Department and Health Department advice on managing the Covid 19 situation.

A newsletter was issued yesterday, 16/3/2020, by email. A copy is available on the School’s website. Further updates will be provided as necessary by email and/or text then posted to the website and FaceBook.

1. School Camps

The Department guidelines have recommended all school camps be postponed or cancelled. As a result:

· Music Camps for Intermediate and Junior Bands will not proceed.

· Media Camp will not proceed

2. Parents & Citizens Association

The March P&C meeting which was to be held on Wednesday 18/3/2020 is postponed. The date for the next meeting will be considered in Term 2.

3. Parents Evenings

Parents evenings scheduled for later this term have been postponed.

Please Note: As is the general rule, if your child is showing flu-like symptoms or other signs of illness, please keep them at home.


John Dunning