School Update on COVID-19 Preparations

This newsletter is an update on the current situation with Corona (Covid 19) Virus measures. The school is following Education Department and Health Department advice on managing the Covid 19 situation.

Previous newsletters were issued by email during last week. A copy of each is available on the School’s website. Further updates will be provided as necessary by email and/or text then posted to the website and FaceBook.

This newsletter is to update the school’s preparations for students to work through the Connect system. As a first step all accounts both parent and student are being checked. This will ensure all members of the Connect Community for Eastern Hills are able to access and operate the system. Student will be provided with reminder lessons on the use of Connect as needed. Parents provision in Connect is being checked and updated. The Connect system has several steps in the provisioning of parents which the school moves through as the system is updated. These are

1. Parents are listed as NEW. This status does not allow access and indicates the parent must be registered by the school.

2. INVITED is the status which parents are assigned once their NEW status has been changed to the next step.

3. REGISTERED status provides parent with a login to the system. The Login Name is a seven digit number preceded by a P. (For Example P0123456). No student details can be accessed at this stage.

4. ASSOCIATED. The parent is fully provisioned with access to their student’s details and classes

Through the steps of the process the parent will receive a series of emails requesting their response. Answering these emails will progress the registration through to completion.

Once access to Connect has been completed a parent can use the online help available on the LEARN tab. This includes access to some online videos which step you through the system.

Currently all parents with NEW status are being invited to move to REGISTERED. All parents whose current status is REGISTERED are being moved to ASSOCIATED. These process update overnight and it is anticipated it will be complete by the end of the week.

Parent Step-by-Step instructions have been attached to this email.

To assist the process any parents who have had a change to their address, email or other relevant information please let the school know either by phone or using the general email If you have any further questions related to Connect please contact the school.


John Dunning