Our school will collaborate on projects that visibly and authentically embed Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures in learning programs and the physical environment. Through this culture of collaboration across the school and with the community, we commit to creating an environment where young people, staff and community members acknowledge, respect and experience connection to the First Australians.

EHSHS extended a warm welcome to our special guests including Jessica Shaw MLA Mr Dunning our principal welcomed back James, Terrence, Nathaniel, Jimmy and Nathan Webb from the Wadumbah Aboriginal Dance Group who held a smoking ceremony today Smoking ceremonies are an ancient custom among Aboriginal Australians in which native plants are burnt to produce smoke and acknowledge the ancestors and pay respect to the land, waters and sea of country. Staff and guests were invited to walk through the smoke and receive a cleansing and healing blessing.

On behalf of Eastern Hills Senior High School, we would like to thank Bendigo Community Bank, PALS (Dept. of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Interests), Forestry Products Commission and Eastern Hills P and C Association for their assistance with grants and funding.

Thank you to BGC Quarries the Lakes and Fulcher’s Tree Services for the donation of materials.

Many thanks to Wooroloo Prison Farm Section 95 for the construction of the Yarning Circle and Acacia for making the Steel Sculptures around the Yarning Circle and the wooden bench. We would like to thank the men in the ACACIA Workshops