Year 12 Children, Family & Community Class

This week the Year 12 Children, Family & Community class demonstrated how a student can represent Eastern Hills SHS with respect and enthusiasm.

At the beginning of term 2 the year 12 CFC class were due to participate in a Care package task that would have the students engage in getting to know the elderly residents at Yallambee Residential Care facility in Mundaring. The task was to include weekly visits to the facility, with the students working with the residents on planning for Christmas in July, followed by the luncheon to be held at EHSHS. Then COVID hit and of course our elderly citizens were the first to go into protected lockdown. It was then an alternative was developed Eastern Hills and Yallambee, whereby students would write to the residents (Yes, actual letters) and Pen Pals were created.

On Wednesday after two (2) terms of writing letters back and forth (teacher as the postie) the girls finally had the opportunity to meet in person their Pen Pal. The class demonstrated interest, compassion, enthusiasm and dignity and as their teacher I wanted to let you know how proud I was to see these young ladies enjoy and develop great relationships with their Pen Pals (some of whom are continuing to write.

The following students deserve praise and applause for their outstanding caring nature and BIG Hearts: Nadia, Ava, Neave, Lexsie, Maddy, Luca, Bonni, Jordyn, Erin, Ellie, Shana, Sophie, Sarai & Grace. Their reactions on meeting their Pen Pals was heart-felt and bought a tear to many eyes, including their very proud teacher.

Mrs Hawthorne